Portum peace
of mind

Portum provides healthy, safe spaces for employees and employers. Our digital health passport gets individuals, businesses and governments back to work.

Why Portum

Secure and Compliant

Portum anonymously logs contact with other users through a safe Bluetooth connection. These data never leave the user’s phone. Passive, secure, and anonymous protection

Pathway to health

Convenient, proactive, peace of mind. Supporting employees to monitor their vaccines, tests, exposure and symptoms. Safe spaces & healthy places.

Advanced ReportingSecure and Compliant

Dashboard featuring predictive analytics enable employers to keep staff safe, and businesses to get on with their business.

Safe Harbors


Digital Vaccine

Employees can log when they get the vaccine and track when they need the booster.

The Portum platform has no requirement to store ID images or personal data. Portum is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Exposure notifcations

Portum provides configurable, anonymous, Exposure Tracing™ and exposure notifications.

Encrypted location based contact tracing

Social Distance Pinger
& Symptom Checker

Portum monitors users interactions and will notify them if they breach social distance rules.

Users of the platform can also submit daily symptom checker questionnaires to confirm they have no symptoms of Covid before entering the workplace.

Vaccine and Test Management

Portum offers a system for management of COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity and Testing results through HiPAA compliant

Capacity Management

Portum admins can manage who is in the office and ensure that any COVID capacity measures are observed.


Apple Devices

iPhones with iOS version 14.0 or above. Update iOS to the latest available version before downloading Portum. The following iPhone models support iOS 13.5: 12 , 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, X, SE (2nd generation), 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE (1st generation)

Android Devices

Smartphones with Bluetooth Low Energy, Android version 11 (Nougat 7.1 API level 25) or above, and Google Play Services version 20.18.13 or above (all three requirements are necessary to use Portum). Update Android and Google Play Services to the latest available versions before downloading Portum.


Is the identity of a Portum app user revealed to another user?

No. Key exchanges are encrypted and anonymous.

Will the app work in any Portum Zone or just in a network where I am a subscriber?

The Portum app will recognize entry into any Portum zone and a user will receive a notification upon entry.

How does a Portum app user know they were exposed to a user with Covid-19?

A Portum app user will receive a notification when a validated positive test result has been approved in the system in which their proximity to that users’ device has been established at the exposure risk threshold set by the Zone administrator.

Does the Portum app work on any phone?

The Portum app will work on most industry leading smartphone models. It is best to have the most updated version of the software available. Our staff is constantly updating the system to support as many models and versions to provide the most robust solution possible.

How can my organization sign up to use the system?

Please utilize the contact page on our website and an account rep will respond within 24 hrs.

How do users access the app?

We will send the app via an MDM solution ,we will need users email address. Users then use this same email address to login.

We use a Single Sign on at work, can i use this to login?

Yes we can integrate with whatever is authorising the sign in.

How do we setup a zone?

We just the building address and we can do the rest.

Can users see each others location?

No , in fact only a user’s own phone can see their location the rest is fully encrypted.

Do I have to share medical data?

Each company can set their own policies.

Want peace of mind?

If you are interested in using our Portum app, please get in touch with us!