Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the benefit of using UAV to contact a survey?

NextWave uses UAVs along with a certified surveyor to conduct 3D volumetric analysis and other land surveys which are equivalent and with better accuracy than traditional methods. UAV can gather data much faster minimizing time on location and is safer because it does not require a survey crew walking the site

How long does it take to conduct unmanned robotic inspections?

This varies greatly with the area to be inspected and the type of NDT inspection that needs to be conducted. In some cases, robots can be faster than human inspection, but in general, robots are slower at completing the inspection task itself. However, factoring the time it takes to prepare, mobilize, and permit a confined space entry (CSE), robots will be faster. This means less downtime. Finally, while being faster considering the total scope, robots are safer. Eliminating CSE is a major reason to use unmanned drones.  an answer here.

I have some applications where I think UAVs could be used to make inspection safer and more efficient. Can NextWave help make this a reality?

YES. NextWave is an integrator of UAVs and ROVs of air, land, and sea technology for inspection. We have relationships with UAV and ROV manufacturers to customize or build solutions to meet your needs.

Are robotic technologies utilized by NextWave intrinsically safe?

NO. However, our aerial systems technology allows us to fit outside of classified boundaries while maintaining the ability to gather detailed inspection data.

Is there a procedure in place to bring UAVs into the facilities?

YES. Our documentation guides the permitting process so that operators and robotic work crews consider the circumstances at each unique operating environment.

Can NextWave fly UAVs to conduct internal inspections?

YES. We have specific UAVs that can fly in challenging indoor environments such as tanks, vessel, boilers, and stacks

How is inspection data from the drones used?

We use industry professionals, industry certified inspectors, and NDT technicians to analyze the data, create actionable reports, and follow up as needed. All raw data are provided as well.

Why don’t you have any photos of your work on the website?

As much as we’d like to show you all the great things we’re doing, the NDT information we gather at client facilities is confidential, and we cannot share it. We hope to get a few photos and promotional videos released in the future.

You don’t have a location near me, can you still help us?

Absolutely! We are expanding rapidly with plans for multiple regional locations. In the meantime, we will travel to any site in the country for a personal demonstration of our unmanned drones.


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