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Safety Solutions: Office to Field

Plan Your Project With Us
NextWave Hellas works with you from inception to completion to safely build projects. From planning to compliance reporting our safety experts can help design a program to fit your needs.
We Exceed Industry Standards
To us, OSHA standards are just the minimum. Would you drive a car with the minimum braking power? Don’t settle for good enough.
Big Doesn’t Scare Us!
NextWave Hellas has the capacity and trained staff for large and small jobs. From compliance officers for a local project to a nationwide program we have the expertise to tackle your project.

Our Track Record


Step 1 – Design Your Safety Program

Our process begins with a company-wide or site-specific safety assessment to identify your greatest safety strengths and risks. Our safety experts work with you to then create customized safety programs based on real-time, historic, and predictive data to meet your organization’s safety goals.

Step 2 – Start Training

Effective training is the heart of any successful safety program. Backed by our full suite of virtual reality-enhanced, immersive training and certification courses support your compliance goals and workforce needs.

Step 3 – Implement Your Solutions

Led by our experienced safety professionals and industry partners, we partner with you to implement a full ecosystem of customized safety solutions for your specific business, worksites, and most significantly, your workforce requirements. We know paperwork is a hassle, that’s why all our solutions are fully digitized to allow for easy tracking of everything from training compliance certifications to when employees are on or off-site.

Step 4 – Benchmark Results

Our insights engine develops regular reports to alert managers to high-risk areas and behaviors before they result in an incident. No more flipping blindly through binders, our dashboard allows unprecedented oversight and data on job efficiency – share your progress with your financial institution at the click of a button.

Industry Leading Educational & Training ResourcesModule Features

NextWave is a one-stop-shop to meet and exceed OSHA or local requirements. Our immersive modules achieve higher comprehension and retention rates over other programs by incorporating the use of virtual reality to simulate real-world scenarios. Not only does this lead to fewer on-site incidents but the reduced risk will save you money through fewer payouts and a certified insurance program for lower premiums. For over a decade, we have been an industry leader in occupational safety. Whether in our classrooms or onsite with clients, our safety and risk management courses are instructor-led and VR-enhanced. Continuing education credits are available for all courses.

Fully immersive virtual workplaces and scenarios

Customizable environments and training content

Multilingual capabilities

Quantitative feedback with performance analytics


NextWave Hellas is on a mission to build the future of safety training and workplace safety by developing cutting-edge technology that reduces workplace incidents, drives efficiency, reduces costs, and mitigates risk. NextWave is the first company to digitize the compliance, training, and bid process, bringing an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency to workers, insurers, contractors, and developers.

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