Next360360-Degree Training

Along with virtual reality, videos are one of the most interactive online training tools around. What's making them even more engaging are 360-degree videos or photos to give online learners a full picture.

Benefits By Using Next360 Training

Repeated Practice

Next360 help create simulations to allow new employees to practice repeatedly thanks to detailed replicas of work processes. During such training, they recognize and correct their mistakes before they start the actual work.

Easy Customization For Training Content

A particular project's location, climate, or complexity may pose unique challenges and issues for employees. Next360 enable customized training experiences.

Risk-free Immersive Training

Next360 technologies combine fun with hands-on learning. This increases learner interest.

Increased Engagement

In addition to the engaging and entertaining components, Next360 appeal to learners because of the risk-free training element.

Better Skill Acquisition

Practice is the best way for workers to hone their skills. We retain much more knowledge when we combine what we learn with practical applications.

Self-directed Learning

Next360 allow each person to learn at their own pace. This allows them to apply the knowledge they learn as many times as they want without putting themselves or the equipment at risk.

Larger Skilled Labor Pool

Next360 allow professionals from around the world to be brought together remotely, drawing on a larger pool of people.

Location-independent Training

Employees and trainees can be trained at different locations and access the training items at any time.

How Next360 Can Support Occupational Health And Safety

Next360 offers a unique form of digital training. They allow you to simulate a real-life environment where employees can practice safely, regularly, and for as long as they need to. As working remotely from home has become the new reality for many employees, many companies are directly benefiting from digital safety training and education.

By using these software solutions, employers can improve safety standards in their organization, increase alertness, and improve employee performance. At the same time, costs can be significantly reduced. The high scalability, effectiveness, and better safety results speak for the use of virtual safety training.