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In this uncertain environment, it is important that learning and training for safety continue, even if it cannot happen in person. That is why we are providing access to expert faculty, best practices, and other online learning resources. Our online learning platform, in cooperation with dss+, offers a vast library of interactive learning and training material specifically designed for any industry, that can provide in-depth safety, maintenance, and human resources training helping employees work safer, smarter, and more competitively. Additionally, we can incorporate in our platform any form of training material the customer has available. Fully customizable environment to customer needs, including white labeling.

LMS Features

Induction Training

Provide new employees with everything they need to quickly dive into the company's product, services, processes, and corporate culture. Upload all induction training materials to your online portal and monitor the results of new hires as they develop their skills.

Compliance Training

Nextwave makes compliance training less of a headache. All you need to do is to upload training materials to your online portal. The system automatically informs employees that they have a compliance course to complete and then generates training reports.

Micro learning

Deliver your online training program in bite-sized pieces to engage employees and help them grow faster. With NextWave, you can arrange micro-courses into learning paths so employees can see how to reach a new skill level a step at a time.

Product Training

Keep all your employees informed about the latest updates and practices. Easily deliver and update all product information and material on your NextWave portal. Employees can easily access the training whenever their schedule allows.

Mobile Learning

Employees can take training from any device they have at hand: a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
books fly into your laptop

Custom Content & Curriculum Development

Personalized, instructional sound content and curriculum for any learning environment. Professional development and training resources tailored to your organization's needs

Assessment, Degree & Certification Programs

Solutions designed to help organizations measure and make improvements to ensure the success of employees and learners. Optimize your career development investments to improve retention, support strategy, build your brand, and help employees succeed

VR Training Modules

Dynamic VR technologies that promote and empower self-service safety learning and provide access to training that is not safe in real life

In Cooperation with

Formerly DuPont Sustainable Solutionsdss+

The award-winning dss+ eLearning Suite is a comprehensive online training platform that uses interactive learning technologies to help you manage your employee training from start to finish. With a library of more than 800 courses, we can provide in-depth safety, maintenance and human resources training to help your employees work safer, smarter, and more competitively.


Omega's long experience in the field of education, combined with NextWave Hellas' globally recognized practices in the field of safety and training benefits for the safety of employees in the workplace, come to be combined to provide the practices and technologies of tomorrow's education, today.

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